Google Domains, no API and a lot of collab edge sadness

Not that it's not something that can't be worked around, but I was enjoying using Google Domains' own name servers and not having to manage my own.  However, given the fact I use Let's Encrypt and I would rather not renew my own certs every 90 days and the fact you need A records for each SAN... well, I guess I have to spin up my own External DNS server.  Luckily, Google Domains use DNS SEC, so I will have to do that this weekend.

I found that my old ASA Let's Encrypt script was not perfect, I will also update that this weekend with more logical checks.  It will need to be ran as a sudoer as well, as there is some mkdir commands that need to happen.  I have gotten to a point, where I will test it as a cron job. 

In the mean time, someone has asked me to automate Windows Server 2016 installs for their lab, so I guess I will do that tonight.

I haven't been posting lately, because I am leading a game development team outside of work, studying for the lab and frankly, no clue where I have any time to do even this post.


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