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Restoring from OVA backups, and changing IP, losing communications between nodes and how to restore

On occasion you might want to re-IP your lab environment and while the steps are fairly easy, ensuring you change it on the GUI prior to CLI changes and rebooting the subscriber node first.  You may still find you run into errors when trying to check the dbreplication runtimestate post IP change.  If you get the error, "Runtime state cannot be performed on a cluster with a single active node; aborting operation", you can fix it by ensuring you have the cluster publisher IP set in the subscriber and restarting the cluster manager service on both nodes.

set network cluster publisher ip <IP ADDRESS>
utils service restart Cluster Manager

After this, you should be able to see the proper status when issuing show network cluster:

admin:show network cluster
<IP> hq-sub Subscriber authenticated
<IP> hq-pub Publisher authenticated