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Cloudflare Calls API to SIP broker

Update: Given the amount of time I sacrifice to game development outside of collaboration work, my site has become defunct.

Cloudflare has a calls beta. My intention is to create a SIP to API broker for the CMS and try to get their CDN working with it's anycast to beat out GeoDNS solutions. I will probably post more about this later here, however, don't expect me to be overly timely on it.

Also, why is the Cisco Meeting Server doesn't grey out UI items that have been configured in the API so people don't make mistakes and cause conflicts? Why is it that Cisco doesn't publish the methodology by which all cospaces are assigned to callbridges/nodes at the time of build. I have many questions for many things that don't make sense these days and a lot of rants, but I will save those for some knowledge drops in the future.

Take care everyone!