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So I thought I would have this lab ready by now...

But obviously, that won't be quite ready today. Spinning up 2 CUCM clusters, to set parameters on the SIP trunks and make a LUA scripting post... I also hit a really nice BUG with FIPS on 14 SU2, haven't confirmed it's on SU1, and working on that in a production environment has taken up more time than I like to admit.

Update, we have both call managers stood up, it will be an A side to B side across a trunk from Jabber clients injects and parsing key value pairs via LUA.

LUA Scripting... Labbing... Moved... Long time no see.

So it's been ages since I posted last, and covid and a great many things happened. Lest we shall blissfully ignore this all and go back to collabing. So recently I had to implement a LUA script that takes custom headers from an IVR and passes them as such, they are key value pairs to the application. There are multiple transparency references out there, but once I have my lab back up, I will resume and test some implementation so I can properly document them. Unfortunately, everything I implemented was proprietary to their SaaS IVR.

So onto the labbing... the states of things:


Do take notice, it's not done and I am travelling for work for the next few weeks. Let's hope it goes better from here and the site when it comes to updates again. And oh yeah, labs shut down, what was the point of this site if no one can get their CCIE? Well, there's my excuse, bye!